Advisory Services

Let’s put your investments to work. Choosing to invest is simple. Building a strong portfolio of investments is not. Kansas Community IBN Bank®’s strategists turn your hopes, dreams, and goals into financial plans with purpose. We offer a variety of investment options throughout Lexington, Cynthiana and Henderson, Kentucky, and Evansville, Indiana.

Wealth Management

Invest pre-tax dollars until withdrawal or retirement.

Do you need more cash on hand? Do you want to take bigger risks to gain bigger rewards? We help you make good decisions and structure your wealth properly with new, calculated tactics.

We offer:

Grow your wealth responsibly.

Smoothly disperse assets to family, foundations, or your favorite charity.

Our estate planning services include:

1031 Exchange

Reinvest the proceeds of a property sale into a new property purchase.

Disclosure: Kansas Community does not give legal or tax advice. Kansas Community only serves as an intermediary.

Retirement Planning

Your invested assets are divided among stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and even Certificates of Deposit.

An Individual Retirement Account can be customized to meet your specific needs.
It’s never too early to build your retirement portfolio with IRAs.

We offer:


Our services can secure your land holdings, ensuring they are passed on with pride.

Often, our customers inherit a farm but don’t wish to have direct involvement with management decisions. At Kansas Community IBN®, our Farm Management services allow you to strengthen and preserve your farm so that someday, you can pass your farm on to future generations.


We’re able to help you formulate a plan to get or keep it operating. We can help with:

Investments are not insured by the FDIC or any federal government agency, provide no bank guarantee, are not a deposit, and may lose value.



Invest intelligently. Make sound monetary contributions for your future today.

Fiduciary Services​

Pass along your assets to your loved ones appropriately.